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2 Introducing Our Incredible AI Course

Introducing Our Incredible
AI Course Generator

eSkilled AI Course Creator is a revolutionary, user-friendly authoring tool that transforms how you create, modify, and deliver courses. With cutting-edge generative AI technology, our course builder streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency and engagement to deliver captivating learning experiences.

Develop Courses in Record Time!

Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, tutor, lecturer, or instructional designer, eSkilled AI Course Generation Tool is the perfect tool to produce high quality courses quickly, without the time and expense of traditional e-Learning course design and publishing.

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AI Course Creator Advantages

Icon 1 - Efficient Course Creation

Efficient Course Creation

Reduce course creation time significantly and easily customise training content for specific learning cohorts. Rapidly update content to meet evolving legislation, compliance and regulatory changes.

Icon 2 - User Friendly

User-Friendly Interface

Utilise a powerful AI course generator and drag-and-drop editor for seamless course development. Create professional-looking courses with ease!

Icon 3 - Rich Media

Rich Media Integration

Quickly and easily incorporate imagery, videos, documents and other rich media to enhance engagement and comprehension amongst learners!

Icon 4 - Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning Elements

Ensure comprehension and retention through interactive training components. Insert quizzes, learning activities, and assessments to reinforce learning.

Icon 5 - Responsive Course

Flexible Branding & Course Styling

Brand the platform with your logo, choose from a library of custom themes, or build your own to differentiate your training and match your company's branding.

Icon 6 - AI-Assisted Course Stucturing

AI-Assisted Course Structuring

Generate course content within seconds and customise it with additional details and media, all with AI assistance.

Icon 7 - Flexible Course Distribution

Flexible Distribution of Training

Easily publish courses on your website using an HTML embed code or distribute to your students through your learning management system.

Icon 8 - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Deliver responsive courses compatible with mobile devices to engage an increasingly mobile-centric audience. Reach learners wherever they are for enhanced accessibility.

Icon 9 - Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

Streamline the entire course creation and distribution process. Access an all-in-one platform with AI content generation, drag-and-drop editing, course building, and delivery.

Icon 10 - AI-Powered Customisation

AI-Powered Customisation

Utilise AI suggestions to edit, rearrange, and contextualise generated content according to your preferences. Maintain control over course content while leveraging AI for assistance.

Icon 11 - Seamless LMS Integration

Seamless LMS Integration

Integrate AI Course Creator with your LMS via learning tool interoperability (LTI). Quickly author or edit existing courses then push them to your learning management system for delivery.

Built in Progression Tracking

Track student progress in real-time and identify when they need additional support. Available via capable learning management systems using SCORM output format.

4 Crafting a course from scratch

Crafting a course from scratch is easy with eSkilled’s AI Course Builder!

  1. Describe course objectives, import documents, or link to web pages.
  2. Allow artificial intelligence to generate titles, headers, and sub-headers.
  3. Customise headers and content to meet your specific requirements using the AI editor.
  4. Enhance content with imagery, videos, voiceovers, and other media.
  5. Add interactive elements like quizzes, questions, and surveys.
  6. Apply your branding and publish the course for delivery to learners!
  7. Choose how you’ll distribute your course:
    • Free: Publish to the public to use for free
    • As a Marketing Tool: Use a sign-up wall to collect contact details in exchange for access
    • For Internal/Private Use: Require a password to give access to specific users
    • For Profit: Add a paywall to monetise your content
    • In Your Existing LMS: Publish to and deliver in your existing LMS using LTI integration

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Transform your course creation experience with our cutting-edge AI course generator! With its intuitive interface and extensive feature suite, this revolutionary tool simplifies the process, ensuring your courses are captivating and impactful.

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