Course Creation Software Features of eSkilled Online Course Builder

Multiple Build Options for Diverse Teaching Styles

Simply Choose From:
1 Icon 1 - Speedy AI

Speedy AI Course Build Wizard

Our speedy AI online course builder is a game-changer, using advanced algorithms to generate detailed course outlines in moments. Input your course topics, and let the AI organise them into an interactive syllabus. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customise the structure to perfection. This tool is ideal for educators seeking a balance between automated efficiency and personal touch.

1 Icon 2 - DIY Course Build

Do-It-Yourself Course Build Wizard

For educators who prefer granular control, the Manual Course Build feature offers the ability to craft courses by meticulously adding content, structuring modules, and customising elements according to your pedagogical preferences and subject matter expertise.

1 Icon 3 - Create from Document

Create Your Course from Document (coming soon)

Our upcoming Convert from Document feature promises to simplify the transformation of your existing educational materials into interactive, digital formats. PDFs, presentations, and documents will soon integrate seamlessly into your course content, preserving your original work's value while enhancing it for an online platform.

Create AI-Generated Quizzes with AI Course Builder

2 Icon 1 - Intelligent Quiz Creation

Intelligent Quiz Creation

The AI quickly generates a diverse array of quiz questions based on course content, ranging from multiple-choice to true/false formats, saving educators significant time.

2 Icon 2 - Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Students receive immediate feedback upon quiz completion, which facilitates learning and retention, while educators gain valuable insights through analytics.

2 Icon 3 - Customisable and Scalable

Customisable and Scalable

While the AI provides a robust base for quiz creation, educators have full control to customize and scale quizzes to fit the course and student body.

2 Icon 4 - Continuous Learning Loop

Continuous Learning Loop

These quizzes are designed to be more than a test; they're a critical part of an ongoing learning and feedback cycle, promoting continuous improvement and engagement.

AI Assistant for Quick Course Edits

Leverage our AI Assistant to elevate your course content. With functionalities such as ‘Expand Text’ to elaborate on complex topics and ‘Bullet Point’ to distill information into easy-to-understand lists, this learning authoring tool is an asset for enhancing the clarity and engagement of your course material.

3 AI Assistant for Quick Course Edits

Interactive Content

4 Icon 1 - Easily Add Multimedia

Easily Add Multimedia

Incorporate a range of multimedia elements with simple upload tools. Enrich your course with videos, images, and embedded media to create an immersive learning experience that caters to varied learner preferences.

4 Icon 2 - Add Interactive Elements

Add Interactive Elements

Our platform allows you to integrate various interactive elements to keep learners engaged. From clickable graphics to “click to reveal” tables, these features make learning active and enjoyable.

4 Icon 3 - Embedded Documents

Embedded Documents (coming soon)

Stay ahead by continuously updating your course with the latest information. Our upcoming feature will enable you to embed additional documents and resources, ensuring your content's ongoing relevance and authority.

Course Creation Software with Seamless LMS Integration

5 Icon 1 - SCORM Compliant

SCORM Compliant

Courses developed with AI Course Creator adhere to SCORM standards, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide array of LMS platforms. Simply plug into any LTI capable LMS.

5 Icon 2 - Built-in Progression Tracking

Built-in Progression Tracking

Utilise our built-in progression tracking to monitor student achievements and areas needing improvement. Real-time data and analytics enable targeted instructional strategies, making your teaching more responsive to each learner’s needs.

6 Easy Course Updates

Easy Course Updates

Our user-friendly online course creation platform’s interface allows for swift course updates, making it simple to keep your content fresh and in line with the latest educational standards and learner feedback.

Share with Your Audience

The AI online course maker allows you to share your courses on any website using our course embed option. Whether you’re reaching out to learners on social media or through educational platforms, your courses will be accessible online and ready to go viral.

7 Share with Your Audience

Global Course Design Settings

8 Icon 1 - Language Selection

Language Selection

Offer your courses globally and break down language barriers by offering your courses in various languages. This feature enhances accessibility and inclusivity for a global audience.

8 Icon 2 - Country Context

Country Context

With content tailored to regional examples and legal contexts, AI Course Creator ensures that your course is relevant and fully comprehensible to learners from specific geographical areas.

9 Mobile First Design

Mobile First Design

Our software to create online training courses embraces a mobile-first design philosophy, ensuring that your courses are attractive and functional on any device, providing learners with the freedom to study anytime, anywhere.

Create Faster, Better, More Dynamic Courses

Collectively, these features of the eSkilled AI Course Creator forge a path to a more efficient, engaging, and adaptive educational environment, allowing educators to focus on delivering high-quality content that meets the diverse needs of learners around the globe.
10 Create Faster, Better, More Dynamic Courses

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