Harmony Sanderson

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Harmony, a seasoned professional with 15 years of invaluable marketing experience, has been entrenched in the VET industry since 2022. Having traversed the professional landscapes of both Australia and Canada, Harmony has gained a global perspective that enriches her approach to marketing and leadership. Over the past decade, she has been embedded in software companies, gaining expertise in software development, particularly in student and learning management software.
Harmony leverages her knowledge and experience to make meaningful contributions to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of education. With a focus on practical solutions and a commitment to excellence, Harmony is dedicated to navigating the complex intersections of marketing, technology, and education within the VET sector.
Her areas of expertise include:

Harmony actively shares her insights into the evolving realms of marketing strategy, effective leadership, and the intersection of technology and education. With a keen eye on the current state of vocational education and training, she addresses challenges within the industry and envisions innovative pathways for its future development.

Harmony leads the Marketing function for Training Resources Group (TRG), comprised of the following companies:

TotalVET Training Resources
Compliant Learning Resources
Precision RTO Resources
eSkilled Student and Learning Management Systems
AI Course Creator
RTO Learning Materials