Transforming Higher Education With AI Tool for Teachers

Are you ready to transform your course creation approach and empower your students like never before? Step into the future with eSkilled’s AI Tool for Teachers! Tailored for higher education institutions, this cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the way tutors and lecturers design and deliver courses.

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2 Tailored for Educators

Created for Educators, by Educators

Our AI tool for teachers caters to a diverse array of teaching needs, ensuring you have the resources to create impactful learning experiences for your students:

  • Lesson Planning: Develop comprehensive lesson plans tailored to the academic rigor and intellectual curiosity of university-level learners.
  • Interactive Tutorials: Engage and challenge your students with interactive tutorials designed to stimulate critical thinking and scholarly discourse.
  • Assessment: Evaluate student understanding and retention using AI generated auto-marking quiz questions.
  • Personalised Learning: Provide personalised learning experiences that cater to the individual needs and interests of your diverse student body.
  • Curriculum Development: Design specialised curricula aligned with course objectives, academic standards, and disciplinary requirements.

Excel in Your Teaching Role

Elevate your teaching prowess and surpass academic expectations. With our online course builder, you can swiftly deploy high-quality courses, earning recognition for your innovative teaching methods and achieving academic excellence. Impress your peers and supervisors with engaging, effective course materials that drive real results and enhance student learning outcomes.
3 Excel in Your Teaching
4 Effortless Course Customization

Effortless Course Customisation

Bid farewell to tedious hours spent crafting course materials. With our AI tool for teachers, featuring an intuitive interface, designing tailored courses has never been easier. Rapidly generate course content and interactive learning activities that cater to the specific needs of your students. Address individual learning gaps effortlessly with personalized modules and activities tailored to each student’s academic requirements.

Save Time and Resources

Streamline your course development process and focus on delivering impactful learning experiences. With the ability to swiftly create and deploy e-Learning courses to your Learning Management System (LMS), you’ll save valuable time on administrative tasks, deliver more engaging lessons, and optimize your institution’s resources.
5 Save Time and Resources
6 Enhanced Student Engagement

Enhanced Student Engagement

Say goodbye to uninspiring lectures and welcome an immersive learning experience! eSkilled’s AI Course Creator Tool enables you to incorporate interactive elements and gamification into your courses, making learning sessions engaging and enjoyable for students. By blending traditional teaching methods with cutting-edge technology, our tool promotes active participation, increases motivation, and fosters a culture of continuous learning within your institution.

Seamless Integration into Existing Systems

We understand the importance of seamless integration with your institution’s existing infrastructure. That’s why our AI Tool for Teachers seamlessly integrates with your current Learning Management System (LMS) via LTI. Once it’s set up, no technical expertise is required – publish your courses in the AI Course Creator and push them into your existing platform for delivery to students.

Empower your institution with the future of higher education! With eSkilled’s AI Course Creator tool, learning becomes dynamic, engaging, and tailored to the needs of your students. Experience the transformation of education with technology–start your journey today!
8 Seamless Integration into Existing Systems

Discover the Power of eSkilled AI Tool for Teachers Now!

Transform your course creation experience with our cutting-edge AI course generator! With its intuitive interface and extensive feature suite, this revolutionary tool simplifies the process, ensuring your courses are captivating and impactful.

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